Environmental Policy

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Our Energy Saving and Conservation Policy

A very warm welcome to you and thank you for choosing to stay with us here at Admiralty Lodge.
During your stay in Whitianga we have the very best to offer you in and around Mercury Bay and the Coromandel Peninsula. We encourage you to get out there and enjoy our pristine and naturally beautiful beaches, bush walks, marine reserve and superb coastline, all so very uniquely New Zealand. Settle in and enjoy a wonderful time during your stay here.
At Admiralty Lodge we care about the protection and preservation of the clean green environment which we are so fortunate to be located in. This is why we have taken care to implement some environmentally friendly initiatives such as energy conservation, waste management and water conservation. We feel the responsibility and importance of offering our guests a true New Zealand clean green operation.
We would like to ask you as our guests to assist us to make our region and our world a greener place by observing the following initiatives:
*  Turning off lights and electronic equipment when not in use and before going out
*  Reusing towels by hanging them up and not having them replaced during a service
*  Limit the amount of time in the shower
*  Use recycle bins, located at each end of the stairs
We have a commitment to upholding best environmental practices and all environmental issues including raising awareness amongst our staff and the community.
Your feedback on any sustainability related issues are always welcome.


We at Admiralty Lodge are proud to support Kauri 2000. The forests continue to grow and expand and is in its 11th planting season since the first seedling went in the ground. There are now over 30,000 kauri planted on the Coromandel Peninsula and, with our support, this year will see a further 2,500 seeding in the ground.
The planting site currently being worked is at the western end of Kuaotuna (Matarangi Reserve) has the potential to become the largest planted kauri forest in the world or at least New Zealand!
For more information view the website www.kauri2000.co.nz.